I'm Laura and the creator of the Be Fearless collection.

You will normally find me juggling motherhood, planners and paint palettes!


The Be Fearless planner is a labour of love to help empower other women like myself that are committed to being the very best version of themselves.


I am inspired by all the strong women around me that constantly strive for progress not perfection and are bold enough to take risks to live the life they've always wanted. 


My vision is to help build a community of women that are not limited by the fears in their mind but led by the dreams in their heart.


The planner is designed to help you stay organised, inspired and on track to achieve your goals.



It is bursting with inspirational quotes to promote positivity and includes a range of exercises designed to enhance your overall well-being and outlook on life.




I also believe that self-love and self-care  are fundamental for a happy and enriched life. Throughout the planner you are therefore actively encouraged to invest in yourself, celebrate all that makes you YOU and be unapologetically YOU!




It's stylish, it's bold and the perfect tool to help you be the badass you always knew you could be!


When the kids nap, I use painting and art as an expressive platform to be creative and switch off from the happy chaos of family life. 

My collection comprises of vibrant colours, nature, feminity, sensuality, soulfulness, happiness, vulnerability and much much more!


“Art is the journey of a free soul.”



I've worked  hard to provide a collection of high-quality products made with love.


Whether you purchase a planner or a print, I hope it brings endless joy, inspiration and positivity!