The Be Fearless planner is packed with useful prompts and tools to showcase the very best version of you!

Designed to promote positivity, mindfulness, productivity and self-love.

Our luxury planner has daily, weekly and monthly user-friendly layouts to help establish structure and routine.

We aim to put you and your goals on the agenda.

Ultimately, we want to support a community of empowered women to live an enriched life on their terms.

Our useful exercises and guidance are specially designed to enhance your growth and develop your sense of self so that you can effectively balance your To-Do list with your To-Be lists.

Each page provides an opportunity to focus, reflect, plan and passionately pursue all the things that set your soul on fire!



You are paying for a quality, handmade item; not a mass-produced product.  All items are carefully created with love and passion.  The price includes my time, effort, attention to detail and the exclusive nature of the product, as it is not widely available - please bare this in mind when buying handmade.


ISBN  978-1-83952-119-5

Be Fearless Planner

  • The super stylish, undated planner designed to empower you, increase productivity and encourage you to slay your goals!


    Use the power of positive thinking, affirmations, gratitude and mindfulness to nurture your personal development.



    • Monthly, weekly and daily planning
    • Everyday agenda  & goal setting for 6 months
    • User-friendly layout to stay on track & help you work smarter not harder
    • Month at a glance calendar
    • Vision Board guidance and exercises
    • Mindfulness and positive thinking activities
    • Self-love & Self-care aides 
    • Self-awareness and self-management tools
    • Productivity techniques
    • Financial management and budgeting tools / guidance
    • Daily intentions
    • Daily reflections to capture life lessons and celebrate positives
    • A weekly meal planner and shopping lists
    • Inspirational quotes
    • Original artwork and illustrations
    • Habit & exercise tracker
    • 6 month snapshot to review your progress and help you plan ahead with clarity
    • Lots of space to note your creative ideas, goals, actions, reflections and your important dates!